Participating in an auction (personally, in writing, by telephone or email) means acccepting the following rules:

We do hope you enjoy our auctions!
The ‘Cuxhavener Auktionshalle’ Team

  1. The auction is voluntary and in the name and on account of the client (with the excemption of proprietary wares marked by numbers). The ‘Auktionshalle Cuxhaven’ is empowered to exercise all rights on the orders of any depositor.
  2. All items due for auction can be viewed and checked thoroughly before the auction. They will be auctioned off in the condition they were in at the moment of knocking-down, without guarantee or liability for open or hidden flaws.
  3. Catalogue-descriptions are not guaranteed attributes pursuant to §459ff, BGB. The ‘Auktionshalle Cuxhaven’ cannot be held liable for additional verbal or written statements made by any employee. You may rest assured though, that all catalogue-descriptions are prepared to the best of our knowledge and that any justified complaint (especially art-forgeries) will be worked on and the knocking-down annulled. Any complaint must be registered within 14 days as we make it a point to settle all accounts with our depositors as soon as possible. (However, all medals, militaria, coins and stamps are excempted from any warranty and cannot be taken back). In the case of jewelry, we guarantee the content of precious metals and genuineness of gems, not their quality or class. The return-transaction is voluntary and without legal obligations.
  4. The auctionhouse reserves the right to call up items outside the regular order and to separate, combine or completely withdraw positions (‘Löse’). It is also entitled to retract an already given knocking-down (i.e. if a valid, on-time offer, written or at the auction-location, has been overlooked).
  5. Normally, bidding starts at the limit-price listed in the catalogue. They are estimated values, often set by the depositors. Bidding proceeds in 10%-steps, but we will also accept calls other than 10%, as long as they are put forward loud and clearly. The last bid will be called three times before knocking-down.
  6. From that moment on all risk of damage, loss, mix-up etc. rests with the bidder, but he assumes ownership only after paying the full amount due. The Bidder is obliged to take over the awarded item and to pay immediately in Euro.
  7. The knocking-down-price is a netto-price. An extra charge of 19% plus VAT will be added. All awarded items have to be picked up within 5 days. The auctionhouse can withdraw an award or refuse a bid. In such a case the previous bid will be binding. Or, it can call up the position again, without stating any reason.
  8. Every bidder bids in his own name and for his own account, meaning he is personally liable and cannot claim to bid for the account of another. Bidders not personally known to the auctionhouse are asked to prove their identity when claiming their ‘Bidder’s Card’.
  9. Due to the situation of the locale, not every item can be shown during the auction, so bidders should inspect cumbersome or very small items during the preview to avoid later mix-ups. We also ask to fill out the pre-bid-forms accurately, since wrong numbers or items cannot be changed after knocking-down.
  10. Should a bidder not fullfill his obligations, the ‘Auktionshalle Cuxhaven’ is entitled to insist on fulfillment of the contract, if necessary by courtproceedings, or to offer the items again at one of the following auctions. The dilatory client is liable for eventual losses as well as costs resulting from the new sale and extra charges. All rights from the previous award are forfeited, he is not entitled to gain from a possibly higher sale.
  11. Transport/shipment of awarded items will be done only upon explicit request by a bidder, at his own risk and only against pre-payment of resulting costs.
  12. Receipts made out during or immediately after the auction will have to be checked and corrected, if necessary. All errors are excepted during the whole auction.
  13. Within the business premises, specially during the preview and the auction, all visitors are liable for any damage they might cause.
  14. Any disputes arising herunder will be settled before a competent Cuxhaven court.
  15. All legal questions are settled according to German Law and the Auctionlaw of Lower Saxony (Nieders.Versteigerungsgesetz). Should any of these rules be void, all others still remain valid. Differing or additional agreements need to be in writing.
  16. Bidding can be done only, if you have registered properly with your complete address and phonenumber, so we can countercheck.
  17. Normally, bidding commences in 10%-steps, a minimum-bid of € 5,00 has to be observed (in a case of “NoLimit”). Please note, that your bid may be surpassed by another given in the auctionhall. All your submitted bids have been posted as ‘pre-bids’ prior to the actual auction, since during the auction we will not be able to update our internet-pages.
  18. Your online-bids will be considered until 09:00 AM MEZ (in Europe). Should your bid be surpassed by another bid from within the auctionhall, you will n o t be notified by email.
  19. The highest bids will be published on the aoction day! Upon knocking-down you will receive an email to confirm your bid. Knocking-down (confirmation of your bid) obliges to acceptance and immediate payment of the item(s). Please observe also paragraphs 10 and 11 of our auction-rules.
  20. In order to save you online-time, we are offering the content / contents of our catalogs for download in three different formats:
  21. Joining a follow-up-sale is only possible, if you have registered properly with your complete address and phonenumber as a bidder.
  22. Ther will be no more bidding and no minimum-offer is expected, as all “NoLimit”-items will be excempted from the online follow-up-sale !
  23. Please note, that the forms will be viewed as online-bids, but you purchase all items at the published limit-price. Attention: In addition to the limit-price, ther will be a surcharge of 18% plus VAT plus shipping-fees.
  24. Every bid arriving after the auction will be treated as follow-up-sale. The confirmation of your bid obliges to acceptance and immediate payment of the item(s). Please observe also paragraphs 10 and 11 of our auction-rules.
If you have questions regarding thecatalog-descriptions, send us an email. We will the forward more explicit descriptionsand/or photos.
Shipments to bidders not known personally will be madeagainst pre-payment or C.O.D.